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Telluride Stone Company


Our exquisite range of Stone Steps, each expertly hewn from the finest natural stone sourced from the verdant landscapes of Telluride, Colorado. Our stone steps embody elegance and ruggedness, reflecting the majestic and enduring spirit of the mountains. Perfect for creating grand entrances, cascading garden stairways, or serene pathways, these steps are not just functional elements but a testament to enduring craftsmanship. Each step is a piece of art, showcasing unique textures and hues that only nature can provide, ensuring that your space is graced with beauty that is both timeless and durable. At Telluride Stone Company, we believe that every step should enhance the natural flow of your landscape, connecting spaces with grace and strength. Transform your outdoor areas with our Stone Steps and step into a world where functionality meets the unmatched charm of natural stone, elevating your environment with a touch of Telluride’s mountainous elegance.